We are already counting numerous losses here in Nigeria. Please we should learn not to add more pains to the malicious damages we already encountered within the last 2 weeks.

Economically, we are counting outrageous losses i.e economic meltdown.

Physically/Mentally, Most Nigerian citizens are already having psychological depressions with the peaceful protests that turned into a crisis, which eventually led to losses of lives and properties.

What we need from Nigerian citizens both home and in the diaspora is our ceaseless prayers for peace to reign in our dear country. We need our encouragement and bring in new ideas for a sustainable economy in our country which will make it conducive for Nigerian citizens to reckon with.

At this juncture, Let’s allow peace to reign.

Nigeria is my country. I will work for the growth and progress of my country. I’m proud to be a NIGERIAN.

Amb Dr. Fatuyi Philips.
United Nations: Peace Ambassador in collaboration with Fatuyi Philips Foundation.