Project Description

Empowerment for the Elderly

The senior citizens are mostly incapable of actively contributing to economic activities, having spent a number of their youthful days doing meaningful work, many of them are seeking new opportunities to be active contributors – while also putting into consideration their physical reality.

Fatuyi Philips Foundation is seeking to create that synergy such that the elderly could be reskilled in disciplines that will not exert to much pressure on them, such that they could make valid contributions and be capable to earn enough to continue their beautiful life

This program is set to begin in September 2020

Elders to be Reached
Skills to be learnt
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What we do here at Fatuyi Philips Foundation, requires a number of effort from different individuals and organizations as well, we have a Volunteer network that assists in the implementation of a number of our initiatives and we are also open to relevant cooperate partnerships that will help to drive our causes even further. Get in touch today and be a part of this noble cause.